Wau Museum

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Entry Fee : RM 2
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Wau Museum is located at the coastal town of Tumpat, about 20 minutes drive from Kota Bharu. It is in a somewhat remote area past Tumpat town centre,  on the way to the Thai border. This small museum exhibited various designs of wau or kite in Malaysia, especially those that are native to Kelantan. There were also instructions on how make a wau yourself and how to play it. Apart from that, there were some kite designs from foreign countries too, all with their own unique themes. 

The building. It is one of the smallest museums I've visited

Wau Jala Budi - the design is said to be inspired by the view of a woman's body from the back

Wau Kucing - a design inspired by a cat's face upside down. This wau design is also used by Malaysia Airlines as their corporate logo.

The framework of a wau
This is Wau Bulan, or moon kite. It is the most iconic of Kelantanese waus. Wau Bulan is also adopted as one Malaysia's national symbols.

This is from a section that displayed kite designs from various other countries. This particular one was from Japan.

The last section displayed wau designs from other states in Malaysia. 


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