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Handicraft Museum

Website : Entry Fee  : RM 2 Google Maps Link  :  Click Here The Handicraft Museum is located in the Handicraft Village, or Kampung Kraftangan . As the name suggests, it exhibits many Kelantanese craft works, especially batik collections. Other than the museum, there is also an area in Village where handicraft making is demonstrated.  The entrance to the museum building Traditional weaving machine Batik making technique Batik motifs, or patterns Mat and basket made of mengkuang leaves Coconut grater to make handicrafts based on coconut shells

Istana Batu Royal Museum

Website : Entry Fee  : RM 2 Google Maps Link  : Istana Batu is the former official residence of the 12th Sultan of Kelantan, Sultan Yahya Petra before he was ascended to the throne. It was built in 1939 and was a wedding gift to Yahya Petra by his uncle, Sultan Ismail, who reigned in Kelantan at that time. This old, single-storey palace had old photos of Kelantan royal lineage, activities, collections and gifts.  Front view of the building Along of corridor, there are photos of the royal families in various events Dining area Various items that once belonged to the Sultan Yahya Petra's family

Islamic Museum

Website : Entry Fee  : RM 2 Google Maps Link  : The Islamic Museum is located in Kota Bharu city centre, next to the State Mosque. It is a building with two floors. The ground floor is split into three sections. First section had write-ups about the arrival of Islam to Kelantan and photos of some old mosques. Second section had displays of an old coin with Arabic inscription 'Al-Julus' found in Kelantan. It is believed to be from the 12th century. Some old Islamic manuscripts were also displayed in this section. The third section had exhibits of ceramics with Arabic and Persian design. Other items in the third section were the official attires of mufti and imam, models of traditional and modern 'sekolah pondok' (mini houses used for Islamic studies), plus write-ups about important Islamic figures in Kelantan. There was also a model of 'kancapuri', which is a burial

Sultan Alam Shah Museum

Website : Entry Fee  : Free Google Maps Link  : Sultan Alam Shah Museum is located very near the Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Mosque (Blue Mosque). It is the state museum of Selangor.  The museum is very large with diverse exhibits ranging from historical, geographical, environmental and religious artifacts. Exterior Exhibits The museum building up close The facade of the museum A replica of the original Klang Railway Station, one of the oldest railway stations in Selangor Inside the railway station replica is an KTM Class 20 locomotive, nicknamed 'Bunga Raya' Model of a Bugis traditional house Interior Exhibits - Main Gallery This is first section after the entrance. There were plenty of write-ups and photos about the Selangorian culture and its connection with the Selangor royal family.  Write-ups about the history, geography and lifestyle

Negeri Sembilan Museum

Website : Entry Fee  : Free Google Maps Link  : Anyone who has visited Seremban would have surely seen an iconic building with Minangkabau architecture, right along Seremban exit of North South Expressway. It is the State Museum of Negeri Sembilan. The museum complex has three different buildings. One is the museum itself, which is a two-storey building that houses the galleries. There are also two other buildings, the Ampang Tinggi Palace, which is a palace built in the 1860s, and Rumah Negeri Sembilan, a model house of Negeri Sembilan Malays. Entrance of the main building Main Gallery This two-storey building houses all the displays in this museum. Vast majority of artifacts and historical write-ups are tied to the state of Negeri Sembilan.  Around the front desk area was the historical accounts of Negeri Sembilan's formation. It is divided into nine districts, or 'luak'