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Kota Kayang Museum

Website : Entry Fee  : Free Google Maps Link  : While looking up the list of museums in Malaysia, I came across just one museum that lies in the northern state of Perlis. So I decided to drive up there one weekend, spent a night in Kangar, and visited not only the Kota Kayang Museums but also few other places in Perlis. I didn't expect to find many interesting artifacts on display in this museum but I was proven slightly wrong. There were actually quite a lot of items and the museum area was much bigger than I thought. There were three single-storey buildings for the galleries, one office building and a nice garden at the back. On the left was a burial site of the 15th Sultan of Kedah, Sultan Dhiauddin Mukarram Shah 1. This area back in the 17th century was the site of a palace called Indera Kayangan, where the royal family of Kedah resided (Perlis was once part of Kedah). F