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Chocolate Museum

Website : Entry Fee  : Free Google Maps Link  : Many of us love chocolates and know many types of chocolates. This museum brings us all the way back to the time when cacao was first domesticated! This is a small museum and there are no artifacts on display, other than a cacao processing machine and various types cacao beans. It was all the about the historical write-up about how chocolates came to be how it is today. There was also a chocolate selling shop inside the museum. Front view of the Chocolate Museum First view after entrance The first section in the museum was a write-up on Cocoa History and Journey . It is believed to have started in the Olmec civilisation around 600 BC, which is the earliest known civilisation in modern day Mexico. They were the first to domesticate cacao tree and use the beans. After that, in the Mayan civilisation, burial tombs had been found that contain offerings includin

Limbang Regional Museum

Website : Entry Fee  : Free Google Maps Link  : After covering the museums in Labuan, I decided to take day trip to Limbang to visit its Regional Museum. It was a 2.5 hour ferry ride from Labuan, crossing Brunei Bay and upstreaming Limbang River, before reaching Limbang Port. The museum was 10 minutes walk from the port.  Front view of Limbang Regional Museum The building served as a fort during the rule of the third White Rajah, Charles Brooke, with the ground floor being used as a prison, and the upper floor used as a storage. It was later used for administrative purpose with several government departments occupying it until it was burnt down in 1989. In 1991, the building was rebuilt by following the original design. Outside the museum entrance, there was a replica of a buffalo. Buffalo is the icon of Limbang. They hold a special significance to the Bisaya com