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Army Museum

Website : Entry Fee  : Free Google Maps Link  : The Army Museum is located in Port Dickson, just 5 minutes drive from the beach. It is a rather large museum with open air exhibition area, two blocks of indoor exhibition, replica of communist tunnel and a playground. This is the most crowded museum that I have visited thus far.  Open Air Exhibition Most of the crowd were in this area, where replicas of various military equipments used during the colonial era were displayed. There were cannons, a locomotive and a passenger coach, fighter jets,  a military helicopter and other military vehicles. All the machines and vehicles were used during the war. The entrance Anti Tank Gun 2 Pounder MK 9 Bofors 40mm 70 Douglas A-4PTM Skyhawk Alouette III Military transport vehicles Indoor Exhibitions There were two blocks with indoor exhibition. Each blocks had two galleries. The indoor