Islamic Arts Museum

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Islamic Arts Museum probably gets the best review from visitors amongst all museums in Malaysia. I can say it is well justified. This museum had 12 galleries on two floors, displaying artifacts from ancient Islamic civilizations around the world. 

The entrance to the museum

Front desk

Model of Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem. It is believed to be constructed in 7th century and is the oldest Islamic structure that still retains its original design

Model of Bibi Khanum Mosque in Uzbekistan, 

Selimiye Mosque in Edirne, Turkey. It was one of the finest architectural structure of the Ottoman Empire.

Some of the earliest written Quranic texts

Ewer, or Kendi in Malay. This is from Gujerat in India.

Lattice window made of stone - a Mughal design

Cloisonne vase, incense tool and incense burner from late 19th century China.

Iron-red balluster jar, from Zhende period in China, around year 1506-1521. 

This is gold head-dress, part of Moroccan jewellery from year 1800

An amulet necklace from from Yemen around year 1850-1910. This is a Bedouin jewellery. The Bedouins are a Arab ethnic group that predominantly inhabited the desert area in Middle East and North Africa.

Weaponry from late 18th century India, made in Srirangapatna, near modern day Mysore. Some of the weaponry are from Tippu Sultan's personal armoury. 
Steel body armour Nizam of Hyderabad, from 18th century India

Processional standard, or 'Alam. This is from the Ottoman era, in 19th century Turkey

Ottoman jewellery

Bowl of an officer of Sultan Al-Nasir, the Sultan of Egypt from 1293 to 1341. This kind of bowl is used to serve food for his officers during festive times.

Giant candlestick - they provide light in the praying area of a mosque. It is used in the Ottoman Turkey. 

A glassware from the Safavid Persian Empire. It is a tear catcher, given to the wives and princesses of high-ranking officials of Persian royal families to catch their tears when their husbands are away for war or hajj.


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