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Labuan Museum

Website : Entry Fee  : Free Google Maps Link  : It was a hot Wednesday afternoon when I visited this museum that is located right in the middle of Labuan's town centre. There was not much space around the building as it was flanked by the TM Point building and the Labuan Tourist Information Centre. The museum houses the history of human settlement in the island, colonial activities, and ethnic groups that live there. Entrance to Labuan Museum.  The museum comprised of two floors. The upper floor was dedicated solely for the cultural history and customs of multiple ethnic groups in Labuan. So first up, was the history of the island. Legend has that Labuan was once colonised by Kublai Khan. But the sure thing is Labuan was part of Brunei before 1846, before being handed over to the British. The British developed the island's economy by starting the coal mining industry there and making the