Kelantan State Museum

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Entry Fee : RM 2
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The State Museum was by far the biggest museum in Kelantan, although not as big as the ones in Klang Valley. It is a two-storey building with width of approximately 20 meters. Unlike other state museums that usually begin with stone age findings, the Kelantan State Museum started with write-ups and findings from the Japanese occupation. Kelantan was the first state in Malaya that was attacked by the Japanese and it marked the beginning of World War 2 in the Pacific. Almost the entire ground floor was filled with exhibits on the Japanese occupation. It had the most resources about the Japanese invasion of all the museums I've been to thus far.

The first floor had exhibition and write up on Kelantanese entertainment, such as games, dance and theatre. 

At the ground floor - resources about Japanese invasion

A replica of 'Little Boy', the atomic bomb dropped into Hiroshima on 6 Aug 1945

The Japanese distributed leaflets to urge people to learn their language

Remains of a machine gun that is believed to be used by the Japanese

From the first floor - An assembly of Wayang Kulit characters


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