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Museum and Art Gallery of Bank Negara

Website : Entry Fee  : Free Google Maps Link  : Situated off Jalan Kuching, inside the Sasana Kijang building, is the Museum and Art Gallery of Bank Negara. It is also known as the Money Museum. Bank Negara is the central bank of Malaysia while the Sasana Kijang building that is located about 1km away from the bank's main office is mainly used by the bank to host regional and international events, among other things. The Museum and Art Gallery comprises of four floors and is located on the west wing of Sasana Kijang. The western wing of Sasana Kijang As I entered the building after taking the pictures of the exterior, I was told by the guard that photography is not allowed inside the premise. However, visitors are allowed to take photos in the museum galleries. The museum's entrance was on the left of the main entrance. The entrance was free of charge and I was also given a guide booklet. Gall

National Textiles Museum

Website : Entry Fee  : Free Google Maps Link  : Along Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin and just before Dataran Merdeka is the National Textiles Museum, the place where the diverse textiles collection of Malaysia's multi-ethnic society is displayed. The entrance is not obvious as the signboard is rather small and faces another side of the road.  The entrance is further to the right The floor plan of this museum was similar to the National Museum. It had four galleries, located at the left and right wing of the building that had two floors. There was a fifth gallery as well, but it was closed for renovation on the day I visited. The entrance to the museum was free. They also provided information sheet for visitors which can be obtained at the front desk. The entrance After signing the guestbook and collecting the information sheet, proceed back of the building along the walkway on the right of the s

Museum of Malay World Ethnology

Website : Entry Fee  : RM 2 Google Maps Link  : Located inside the National Museum complex and one floor above the Orang Asli Crafts Museum, is the Museum of Malay World Ethnology. The entrance ticket is for both these museums.  The entrance I was greeted by a nice diorama of a Malay village house. On the left was another diorama of a man making 'Wau', the traditional kite popular in Kelantan. There is no indicator of the starting point so the correct way is to turn left after the entrance. There is a section that explains about the origin and history of the Malay race, as well as the Malay culture in Malaysia. On the right, there is a desk with a guestbook and hidden behind this desk is the floor plan for this museum. A Malay village house Museum floor plan Moving along, there was display of ancient ships designed by the Malays. It was described that the Mala

Orang Asli Crafts Museum

Website : Entry Fee  : RM 2 Google Maps Link  : The Orang Asli Crafts Museum houses the handicrafts of Orang Asli, or aboriginal people of Malaysia. It is situated inside the National Museum complex, but in a separate building. The entrance ticket has to be bought separately, however it only costs a measly RM2, the same as National Museum. This fee is also to visit another museum located on the floor above, the Malay World Ethnology Museum. The entrance The museum was only one floor, and the galleries were not clearly categorised. However, I noticed that it was split into a few sections for idols and masks, traditional weapons, musical instruments, decorative items and daily use items. Section 1 - Idols and Masks This section started off explaining the settlements and different sub-ethnics of Orang Asli community. They are divided into three sub-ethnics, Negrito, Senoi and Proto-