Sultan Alam Shah Museum

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Sultan Alam Shah Museum is located very near the Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Mosque (Blue Mosque). It is the state museum of Selangor.  The museum is very large with diverse exhibits ranging from historical, geographical, environmental and religious artifacts.

Exterior Exhibits

The museum building up close

The facade of the museum

A replica of the original Klang Railway Station, one of the oldest railway stations in Selangor

Inside the railway station replica is an KTM Class 20 locomotive, nicknamed 'Bunga Raya'

Model of a Bugis traditional house

Interior Exhibits - Main Gallery

This is first section after the entrance. There were plenty of write-ups and photos about the Selangorian culture and its connection with the Selangor royal family. 

Write-ups about the history, geography and lifestyle of people in all nine districts in Selangor. 

On the left: Replica of megalith grave found in Lembah Bernam. On the right: Replica of slab grave found in Ulu Bernam.

This section displayed the artifacts found in Selangor during the prehistoric era. This included pieces of Dongson Drum, found in Klang and a bronze bell found in Kg Jenderam Hilir that is possibly from the Bronze Age. 

Monuments and Historical Sites of Selangor section displays information about the interesting historical places to visit

In this section, there were information about the Selangor royal lineage.

Around the section covering the colonial era were write-ups of various wars that happened in Selangor, including the Dutch-Selangor war in Bukit Melawati.
Interior Exhibits - Customs and Heritage Gallery

To access Customs and Heritage Gallery, visitors have to walk down the staircase by one floor. This particular section of the gallery displayed various types of keris
Malay woodwork heritage section had various woodwork designs in display
Traditional music instruments that was popular in Selangor

Interior Exhibits - Natural Heritage Gallery

Actual size replica of a 5.6 meter long crocodile that weighed 1250kg that was caught in Puchong. It was kept in Melaka Zoo until it died in 1997. 

Collection of stuffed insects 

Replica of a natural cave. The pathway is low and narrow, suitable for children. There were children playing hide and seek here when I visited.

Interior Exhibits - Islamic Gallery

Model of the Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Mosque

This galleries had write-ups about Islamic beliefs and customs


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