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Telekom Museum is located in Jalan Raja Chulan in Kuala Lumpur, very near Menara Maybank. It had eight Greek style pillars at it's left side, making it having a distinctive look to the other buildings in the area. The entrance was an archway that led to the courtyard. There was an oversized classic telephone at the courtyard as well as a cafe, which was closed when I went as it was Ramadan. The actual exhibits are in fact located at the floor above. The staircase is on the right side of the archway before reaching the courtyard. Along the staircase, there were pictures of previous Telecommunications Ministers of this country.

Side view of the building

Entrance to the archway

The ticket counter would be on the left side after reaching the first floor. Fee was RM6 and I was told the visitor guide was not available for the time being. The first exhibition was the evolution summary of human communication. Next, there were a few exhibits of early form of communication. For example, 'Ketuk-ketuk' was a traditional tool for that purpose that is made of large hollow wood, and knocked repeatedly as an indicator to the nearby community about prayer times or as a warning against enemy attacks. Other exhibits included a model of elephants used by messengers, and a Eddystone radio.

Ketuk-ketuk, or 'Knock knock' is a form of traditional communication
The next section focused on a more advanced form of communications from the early 20th century. There was a diorama of two people communicating using Morse Code. Also, there was a history of the Telecommunications Department's evolution into its current name, TM. Next to it was a life-sized model of a telephone exchange. There were more exhibits of classic telephones in the rest of the gallery. I then went to the first floor using the staircase in the middle of the gallery and found no exhibits there except for the history TMNet, the internet service providing arm of TM.

A telephone exchange

In the early days of commercial telecommunication, female telephonists
were hired due to their natural politeness

At RM6 per adult, the entrance fee is the highest of all the museums I have visited so far. If you are interested in telecommunications technology or working in that industry, it is worth visiting as the museum is dedicated specially to it and did exhibit quite a lot of details.


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