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Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) Museum is located in Lake Gardens, Kuala Lumpur. It is a surprisingly large campus, although the main building is not so big. Most of the parking spots were filled with police cars. The vacant ones behind the main building seemed to be blocking half of the road but I parked there anyway. 

Outside the main building, there were exhibitions of vehicles such as PA-4 2220 patrol boat and Cessna U206 9M-PSC patrol aircraft. Next to the aircraft was a Oerlikon 20MM II SS naval gun, used by the marine police and was retired in 1998. There also a few types of cannons and armoured vehicles used during the British colonial era in 1940s and 50s. 

Oerlikon 20MM II SS - Naval Gun

British Cannon Type HMW 38 Year 1917 - Used to guard the Sg Petani Police Station in 1940 

Fort Lynx Scout Car BB 8128 - During the Emergency, these type of vehicles were used as the head of an escort convoy

After viewing the outdoor exhibitions, I went into the main building of museum. There were two person at the reception and they were police officers too. In fact, a few other museum staff that I saw in the building were also wearing police uniforms. Entrance was free and a guide booklet was available. The museum had three galleries, named A, B and C. 

Entrance to the main building

Gallery A displayed the police uniforms starting from the Malacca Sultanate to the modern era. This gallery also had historical accounts of the Malacca Sultanate, especially the roles similar to police in those days. Gallery B depicted the history of police force formation in each Malaysian states. There was a special room in this gallery showcasing the confiscated weapons from communists and secret societies (kongsi gelap). These items were displayed together with the information about the model. There were shotguns, pistols, ammunition, daggers and much more. This was the most intriguing section of the museum. Gallery C depicted the role of the police during World War II and the Emergency, like during the Bukit Kepong incident. 

A mannequin from Gallery A wearing a past police uniform

Weapons confiscated from the communists

The museum is worth visiting if you are around Lake Garden. The outdoor exhibitions and confiscated weapons display were particularly interesting.


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