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Orang Asli Crafts Museum

Website : Entry Fee  : RM 2 Google Maps Link  : The Orang Asli Crafts Museum houses the handicrafts of Orang Asli, or aboriginal people of Malaysia. It is situated inside the National Museum complex, but in a separate building. The entrance ticket has to be bought separately, however it only costs a measly RM2, the same as National Museum. This fee is also to visit another museum located on the floor above, the Malay World Ethnology Museum. The entrance The museum was only one floor, and the galleries were not clearly categorised. However, I noticed that it was split into a few sections for idols and masks, traditional weapons, musical instruments, decorative items and daily use items. Section 1 - Idols and Masks This section started off explaining the settlements and different sub-ethnics of Orang Asli community. They are divided into three sub-ethnics, Negrito, Senoi and Proto-

National Museum

Website : Entry Fee  : RM2 Google Maps Link  : I've always admired the architecture of the Muzium Negara building. Definitely one of the most iconic buildings in the country. It has looked the same for as far as I can remember. As we know, KL is city that has undergone a lot of changes in it's landscape especially in the past two decades. But the museum has always looked the same since I first visited it in the late 90s. Front view. Entrance is the middle part of the building It is a wide building and there's not enough space to move back from the entrance to take a good photo of the whole building. You would need a wide-angle lens or maybe one of those smartphones that claim to have that kind of lens. Otherwise, you will need to exit the museum area and drive across the road to get a view like above. That photo is actually from the website of Department of Museums Malaysia as I simply cou