Petaling Jaya Museum

Website : Entry Fee : Free Google Maps Link : Located in the vicinity of Taman Jaya Park, this little museum tells the story of Petaling Jaya, the city where I have lived for the past 17 years. I went on a Saturday morning and to my surprise, there was no one at the front desk. The security guard sitting outside the building told me to just write my name in the guestbook and proceed. After writing my name, I took a quick scan of the guestbook and it seemed the museum only receives on average, 4-5 visitors per day! View of the entrance The entire museum is just about the size of an average bungalow. It was very dim inside, but comfortable for me because I like it dim. The first wall of Gallery A provides information on PJ's establishment as KL's satellite city. In Gallery A and Gallery B, there were some rare pictures of the city's roads and earliest buildings. There was also map that indicates the e